The dead and the damned (Movie) - 2011

About The Movie

the dead

The Dead and the Damned 2010 movie also known as Cowboys & Zombies. The Dead and the Damned is American film released in 2010 and directed and written by Rene Perez. This is the horror film. What happened in this movie that there is one virus appears in form of ball kind of shape.

dead and damed

dead and maned 3


The peoples try to destroy the virus and in a process to destroy the virus they shoot on the virus by the gun. The virus did not destroy rather some particles started to come out and all the peoples who are affected by the virus they become zombies. The hero tries to save his friend and the other peoples. The whole story moves around the zombies and the terror of zombies. There are so much blood shades in the movie. It was one of the most horror films of that time.